Rich Elbert

Hello! I'm a Senior Marketing Manager who Specializes in...


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What I Bring to the Team

Valuable Experience

Working on global recruitment digital campaigns and building websites for Montana State University helped refine my skills at blending creative and strategic thinking to deliver engaging user experiences. With over 12 years of experience in web development, content creation, and digital marketing, I have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.

Strategic Planning

Co-founding a successful digital agency and leading multiple client projects bolstered my skills at aligning daily operations with strategic objectives. Supervising teams of content creators, product managers, and developers and successfully coordinating our efforts to deliver on goals is one of my favorite aspects of my work.

Design & Dev Chops

I'm a web designer and developer fluent in several languages with extensive hands-on knowledge of modern languages, frameworks, core web technologies, and digital marketing tools. I love working collaboratively and serving as a link between product, marketing, and engineering teams.

Marketing Expertise

I designed, evangelized, and led implementation of the digital strategy for a $2.5 billion mortgage company. Senior executives described me as an "outstanding thought leader in the digital space" serving as an "essential part of our marketing leadership team."

About Me

I've been developing web strategies and leading marketing teams for over a decade. My strengths include strategic planning, user experience optimization, content creation, creative problem-solving, multi-channel digital marketing, and core web technologies . As a full-stack developer with a penchant for frontend development, I try to bring equal parts creativity and analytical problem-solving. I'm a strong believer in producing measurable results through efficient use of web technologies, creativity, and collaboration with talented teammates.

On a personal note, one of my abiding passions in life is the great outdoors and finding interesting ways to experience it (which usually involves camping gear and fly rods). Other loves include random road trips with my family, reading, and waiting many years for the next season of Stranger Things to drop. If you're interested in chatting about a future project, please reach out.

Let's Connect

I would love to apply my experience and creative energy to helping your team exceed your development, conversion, engagement, and acquisition goals. Please reach out below or call me anytime at 406-599-7545. I look forward to hearing from you!